I Will Convince You That Angstrom Has The Best Thermal Evaporation Systems

Physical vapour deposition is the unsung hero of the touchscreen age.

Without PVD, the capacitive touchscreen technology that turns our beloved phones and tablets into devices that feel and react wouldn’t even exist.

Why do touchscreens work? A delicate metallic film that lies hidden beneath the glass. How did it get there? A technique called e-beam evaporation. What is the e-beam evaporation technique?


Deep science. Real technical stuff. They don’t teach you about e-beam evaporation in high school. A man can live a whole lifetime without ever hearing its name, and die without the knowledge that it brought his beloved devices to life.

But it’s more than science. Much more. Thermal evaporation is an art, and the people who conduct it are maestros. The technology itself is impressive, yes; but tis naught without a deft hand to operate it.

What is the e-beam evaporation technique, really? It’s a process that takes place inside a vacuum chamber. It’s the forceful might of an electron beam against a pure metallic source, and the flight of those molecules to a new horizon. It is, in the greatest of understatements, a way to deposit the thinnest of metallic films onto an object. The painting of a canvas.

And its master is called Angstrom.

Angstrom has the best thermal evaporation systems. The Citizen Kane of e-beams. The Thriller of physical vapour deposition.

Is there any question? Have you even heard of another? Name one other company that does thermal evaporation. Go on. Wrack your brain.

There is no other. Still don’t believe Angstrom has the best thermal evaporation systems? Hear it from their customers.

“At least four of my students use it for ten hours every day,” praises the doctor.

When was the last time you found anything worth doing for ten hours every day? That’s not just approval. That’s devotion.

Go with Angstrom.